12 POINT Soundboard Rib Analysis

I have created a proprietary system of soundboard rib scale analysis, based on two years of solid research.  It’s purpose is to eliminate, design or craftsmanship errors in piano soundboards.

Soundboard ribs are the most under appreciated part of the piano. But I believe, they contribute more towards the manipulation of tone building, than technicians realize.

Rib Scales are very similar to string scales. String scales have lengths that change progressively. Diameters that also change progressively.  So much so, that if a string is replaced with the wrong size, it stands out like a sore thumb under analysis.  When this error is spotted, a technician will fix it and replace it with the correct size music wire as intended by the design.

The design wasn’t altered, just an obvious error fixed.

It’s the exact same thing with Rib scale analysis.  It’s all too common that rib lengths  progress smoothly, but the sizes DO NOT progress in the same logical fashion.

Here, are before and after screenshots of a Cable Crownstay Piano being analyzed. Notice that the Widths (red line), Heights (blue line), and stiffness (black line) of each rib, are all uneven and random in the before picture.  All of this equals uneven stiffness throughout the board. 


The after picture illustrates how smooth all relationships of the ribs can be.  The results of this alone have so far, been outstanding! In this particular piano, the bass really opened up.

I now offer rib scale analysis for technicians who want their next soundboard replacement to be even better than ever before.

Information needed:

Instrument description; name,  model and size.

Soundboard Size in Square inches

Lengths, Widths and Number of Ribs in inches.


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