My career started in 1978 when I built my first harpsichord. Below is a picture of the plans I used.

During the 80’s, I designed and built original harpsichords for sale. Below is a Ruckers copy I am currently working on to use as a rental.

In the 90’s, I apprenticed for 5 years working for various piano technicians learning the piano trade. Afterwards, I started my own piano business after buying my first piano moving truck. I’ve been self employed ever since.

In 2010, I built the Tallest Upright Grand Piano in the world, I call it “The Mammoth VCG”. It is 7’2″ tall and I play on it everyday.

My wife and I moved to Knoxville in 2012, so we could follow our dreams of land and home ownership. I took 1 year off to work on our fixer upper home, and build a clerestory piano shop.

In the last 5 years, I have grown my piano business, bought a tractor, planted an orchard, and had to add on to my shop to make it bigger.

I am currently rebuilding Steinway and Baldwin pianos for the University of Memphis, University of Ohio, and contracting with various music stores throughout the South.


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