Flemish Baby Grand Piano


This 5’1″ Art Case Baby Grand Piano offers the full package. This modern design will beautify any home and compliment it’surroundings. The Cabinet is intricately fashioned with Faux Marble surrounded in Arabesque Patterns. The interior lid features a cityscape hand painting done in the style of the expressionist period.

The action on this piano is magnificent. The entire playing mechanism is computer balanced for a perfectly even velvety touch. The hammers are exquisiately voiced for eveness of tone.

This piano will make a perfect gift for a budding artist.


  • Serial #1401
  • Length: 5’1″
  • Lightweight High Compression Soundboard
  • Soundboard paintings of flowers and butterflies, and logo
  • Plate is painted in a metallic nickel color, including red highlights with Brass and nickel plated accessories.
  • Low tension string scale.
  • Faux impressionist colors bordered in a “Patterned Black Violet” satinized finish. This proprietary finish looks pure black in normal lighting conditions. But as the lighting changes so does the color change from black to Violet, revealing once hidden beautiful patterns.
  • Artist signed Handpainted Cityscape on the inside of the lid. ¬†Artist:¬†Chris Chernobieff
  • Ronsen Wurtzen felt Hammers for an ” American” tone
  • Computerized designed action geometry. Eack key is also individually balance by computer for a velvety touch.
  • Red dampers to color complement the metal flaked silver plate.
  • 10 Year Warranty