Equilibrium- String/Rib Scale Service


Old soundboards were designed with the “Rough Rule of Thumb” method. Which by its very nature will contain design mistakes.

So in this day and age, why copy soundboards with engineering mistakes?

This is a service that I provide to Piano Rebuilders. It is the exact system that I use myself, to get an incredible resonance and sustain in my soundboards.

You will receive forms to fill out, and instructions on how to make a soundboard map.

After I receive the forms and map, I will go over the engineering of your soundboard and correct any mistakes.

You will receive the rib scale data (and all necessary instructions) that you can send to your preferred soundboard maker, so that you get back, a better soundboard than the original.

Improves the Warmth and Resonance of any piano.




Instructions for purchasing the

Chernobieff Equilibrium String and Rib Scaling Service


  1. Make payment ($400) to chrisppff@gmail.com via Paypal
  2. Download the pdf files (which includes String Scale form, Rib Data form and a Soundboard map)
  3. Print out the pdf files.
  4. Fill out the forms and draw a map of your soundboard as per the instructions.
  5. Scan and email them back to chrisppff@gmail.com  In addition to email, please leave phone number and if texting is an option.
  6. Once payment is verified, engineering will commence ASAP. You will receive new rib scale and string scale improvements and any necessary suggestions. Along with charts to show before and after changes.


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